Biocan R

Description: Inactivated vaccine against rabies, Suspension for injection.

Type of Preparation: Vaccines

Target Animals: Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Camel, Sheep, Goat, Horse, Pig, Fur-bearing animals.

Composition in 1ml: Virus rabiei inactivatum, kmen SAD Vnukovo-32             min. 2 IU*

Indication: For active immunisation of dogs, cats, farm animals and fur-bearing animals against Rabies.

In dogs which completed the basic vaccination schedule, revaccination every 2 years. In other domestic animals and where the country’s law dictates, booster vaccination can be administered every year or 2 years. Revaccination (booster) is required every year in Nigeria.

Route of administration and dosage: 

SC (subcutaneously) or IM (intramuscularly).

In dogs and cats from the age of 3 months. One dose from the age of 12 weeks. In other animals, depending on the local rabies epidemiological situation, the veterinarian may recommend when booster vaccination can be conducted.

Booster vaccination – every 2 years. When indicated booster vaccination can be done annually.

Storage: Store in a dark and dry place at the temperature between 2°C-8°C.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Package: 20 x 1 ml (20 vials in a pack, 1 ml per vial)

Manufacturer: Bioveta a.s., Czech Republic


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