Bird Transportation Cage

Product Description

Poultry cages and live bird transportation have a special rigid design. Top wide sliding doors help in easy loading/unloading of birds

Cage Features:

  • No legs and beak injuries.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Hygienic – Easy to clean with water or steam.
  • Minimum bird weight shrinkage in transportation.
  • Firmly stackable
  • High stability and secure stacking and locking Simple push-fit self-locking assembly
  • Perforated floor.

Measurements:            In CMS                  IN INCHES

Length                                91                       36

Width                                  56                       22

Height                                 28                       11

Door size:                   32 x 38 cm   or      12.59 x 15 inch

Capacity:        12 to 15 broilers of 2 kg wt

:        16 to 18 broilers of 1.5kg wt

Cage Weight:        6.920kg



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