Dehorning Paste

Product Description

Prevents horn growth in calves and kids

Apply as soon as horn button can be felt with calf or kid is 3 to 7 days old

Can be used to dehorn older calves 6 to 8 weeks old when horn button has started to grow


Active ingredients

Calcium hydroxide 37.8%, Sodium hydroxide 24.9%


Read package insert completely before dehorning young calves, older calves, sheep or goats.

CALVES: As soon as the horn button can be felt, when the calf is three to seven days old, remove hair over the horn button with shears or clippers.  Apply Dehorning Paste with a wood applicator once only to a spot the size of a quarter (25mm). Keep the calf tied away from other animals, out of rain for at least six hours.





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