Double Milking Single Bucket Mobile Milking Machine (Cow / Oil-Type)

Product Description

The mobile milking machines make the milking process more comfortable thanks to its ergonomic structure, combined with modern technologies, provide the possibility to get healthy milk more efficiently and more easily.

Technical Specifications:

Number of buckets: 1 pc.

Capacity of vacuum pumps: 200 LT. / min (Lubrificant Pump Type)

The capacity of the Bucket: 40 LT.

Number of the milking clusters: 2 pcs .

The capacity of the milk collector: 330CC.

Weight: 70 Kg

Milking liners: Rubber

Pump Capacity:        200 L/m

Electric motor :        220 V / 50 Hz

Dimensions:       60x90x110 Cm

Pulsation:       Mechanical

Bucket:       1

Vacuum Pump:    oil

Milking Point:     2


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