MC200AP Herringbone Milking Parlour with Digital Milk Meter

Product Description

What you will have in every milking point:


Automatic Cluster Removers

MC200™ Milking Control Unit

Smart Pulsator

FFS30 Freeflow™ Milk & Flow Meter

Smart Button – to control milking point

Milking Claw

3Gen™ Milking Liner

Connection Box

FFS30 Freeflow Milk & Flow Meter


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The milk and sensors never contact during the evaluation of milk. Evaluating by the infrared sensor doesn’t require calibration. It’s a water saver and no need for maintenance. Milk measuring doesn’t affect bacteria motions are minimized thanks to easy cleanable features.

Smart Pulsators

The pulsation changes depending on the milk flow.

All milking operations are done in a short time even if your cows have a long milking time.

Automatic simulation (massage)

Pulsation quality can be followed up on the milking system.

It identifies any damages of milking liners.


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