Description: Cloprostenol is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin F2 alpha. It is a hormone with luteolytic properties. Its use during the estrous cycle results in the corpus luteum’s destruction, which sets the stage for the commencement of estrus and ovulation 48 to 60 hours after the medication is administered.

Type of preparation: Hormones

Target Animals: Cattle (Cows and heifers), Pig (Sows), Horse (Mares)


Composition: Cloprostenol (sodium salt)                0.25 mg

Pharmaceutical form: Solution for injection. A clear, colourless solution.


  • Biotechnical Indication
  • Cattle: synchronization and induction of estrus in heifers and cows;
  • Sows: induction of farrowing;
  • Mares: interruption of normal and pathological gestation (in the first half of gravidity).
  • Therapeutic Indication: 

Functional disorders of ovaries, postpartum and post-service anestrus (in heifers: silent heat, persistent diestrus, embryo abortion, lactational anestrus, termination of pseudopregnancy), post-puerperal chronic endometritis, pyometra, interruption of either normal or pathological pregnancy in the first half of pregnancy, combined therapy of follicular cysts (starting from day 10 after HCG or LHRH treatment, after a positive ovarian response has been ascertained), induction of parturition.

Method of administration:

  • Cattle: Intramuscularly or under mucosa using a half dose.
  • Sows and mares: Intramuscularly.

Dosage and application:

  1. Synchronization of heat
  • In Cattle: administer 2 ml of the product (500 mg of the active substance) twice, 10 days apart. The first dose of the product should be administered at any phase of the sexual cycle (in cows within a period of 40 to 60 days after calving). The second dose should be administered on day 11 after the first administration, with insemination being carried out on day 14 (72 – 76 hours after the second administration) (irrespective of manifestations of heat), and subsequent re-insemination (day 15). Any use of the product to induce synchronization in cattle must be preceded by an examination of sexual organs.

Physiological condition of the sexual organs, in heifers – the body and sexual maturity, are the prerequisites for the inclusion of animals into groups.

  1. Functional disorders of ovaries
  • Cattle: administer 2 ml of the product; insemination is to be performed after the first heat. If the heat does not occur, the product should be administered repeatedly on day 11 after the first administration, with a subsequent insemination being performed within 72 to 76 hours, possibly with re-insemination.

Follicular cysts are treated with a single dose of 2 ml, not earlier than on day 10 after administration of HCG or LHRH, and after a positive ovarian response has been ascertained. The heat occurs on day 3 after Oestrophan administration.

  1. Post-puerperal diseases of the uterus
  • Cattle: administer 2 ml of the product (if need be, the therapy may be supplemented by intrauterine administration of foam products, and/or irrigation – best simultaneously with the administration), repeated administration follows on day 11, insemination on day 14 and re-insemination on day 15.
  1. Pregnancy interruption
  • Cows: 2 ml of the product (further treatment according to the clinical condition);
  • Sows: 0.7 ml pro toto (0.175 mg of the active substance) should be administered starting from day 111 of pregnancy. The majority of cases of parturition induced occur within 40 hours after the administration, namely between 24 and 35 hours.
  • Mares: a single dose of 1.0 ml (0.250 mg of the active substance); on cycling mares, it is administered within the period from day 5 to 13 after heat; optimal term for covering is the day 4 to 6 after administration.

Storage: Store below 25 °C. Protect from light!

Withdrawal period:

  1. Meat – 1 day.
  1. Milk – no withdrawal periods.

Do not use in horses the meat of which is intended for human consumption.

Shelf life:

Shelf life of the veterinary medicinal product in intact package: 3 years.

The 2ml ampoule product is intended for immediate consumption after first opening of the ampoule.

Package: 10 x 2 ml (10 ampoules in a pack, 2ml per ampoule)

Manufacturer: Bioveta a.s., Czech Republic



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