Description: Live attenuated freeze-dried divalent vaccine against Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis.

Type of Preparation: Vaccines

Target Species: Poultry (Broiler breeders and commercial layers).

Composition: Each dose contains attenuated strains of Newcastle disease virus Bio 52, NDV B1  106,0107.5 EID50 and infectious ¨bronchitis virus  Bio 53, IBV H 120 103.0 – 104.8 EID50

Indications: Intended for administration  to healthy chickens as an aid to prevent infectious bronchitis and Newcastle disease.

Advantage of incorporating both vaccines into a single vaccine is to:

  • reduce double vaccination stress on chickens,
  • reduce cost and work load of double vaccination,
  • provide reasonable gap for other vaccines,
  • protect chickens from an early age infection by both disease agents.

Dosage: The vaccine is administered to day-old chickens by spraying or by drinking water.

For water vaccination, dilute the vaccine in fresh drinking water and provide to chickens using an appropriate drinker. Revaccination can be performed after 4 weeks and 6 weeks following spray or via drinking water vaccination, respectively.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage: Store in a refrigerator (2 °C – 8 °C). Do not freeze. Store in a dry place protected from light.

Package: 10 vials each containing 500 doses, and 1000 doses

Manufacturer: Bioveta a.s., Czech Republic


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