Vitamin Ad3e Forte


Type of Preparation: Supplement

Target Species: Horse, Cattle, Camel, Pig, Dog, Cat

Composition per ml:

Vitamin A                           300000 I.U

Vitamin D3                          100000 I.U

Vitamin E-acetate                         50 mg


Hypovitaminosis in connection with general bacterial infections. Improvement of rearing results, convalescence, maintenance of fertility  and health,  prophylactic treatment during challenge and stress period

Route of administration and dosage:  intramuscular

Horse, cattle, camel:  5 –  8  ml per animal

Calf, foal: 2 – 5 ml per animal

Pig: 2 – 4 ml per animal

Piglet:  0.5-1 ml per animal

Dog, cat:  0.5 – 1 ml per animal


Warning: Divide high intramuscular dosage between two injection sites.

Contraindication: Contraindication not known

Side Effects: not known

Withdrawal periods: 

Edible tissues and milk : 0 days  (discard injection spot).


Store in a dry place between 15 °C and 25 °C. Protected from light.
Keep medicine away from children.

Package: 100ml

Manufacturer:  Bremer Pharma GMBH, Germany


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