Biocan Novel Puppy

Description: Live attenuated vaccine against canine distemper and canine parvovirosis.

Type of Preparation: Vaccines

Target Species: Dog.

Composition in 1ml: 


Virus febris contagiosae canis,min. 104,1 TCID50* – max. 105,5 TCID50*

Parvovirus canis strain CPV-2b               min. 105,5 TCID50* – max. 107,0 TCID50*

*Tissue culture infectious dose– 50%


Water for injection 1 ml

Key Features

  • A highly effective vaccine against Puppy Distemper and Canine Parvovirosis,
  • It protects puppies from the 6th week of their age.
  • Highly effective even in presence of protective maternal antibodies.
  • Challenge tests confirm puppy immunity against the three parvovirus strains – CPV 2a, 2b, and 2c and against the Canine Distemper virus.
  • It contains the live CDV strain and live CPV 2b strain in order to minimize local reactions.
  • Containing high virus titres in low passage.

Indication: For the active immunization of dogs against canine distemper and parvovirosis since the age of 6 weeks and above.

Route of administration and dosage: 

SC (subcutaneously) behind the shoulder blade.

1 ml irrespective of age, weight and breed of the dog.

Basic vaccination – since the age of 6 weeks and above.

Revaccination in a 3 week interval.

Storage: Store in a dark and dry place at 2°C-8°C.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Once the vaccine is mixed with the diluent, use immediately without further storage.

Package: 10 x 1 ml (lyophilizate and diluent).

10 vials in a pack, 1 ml per vial

Manufacturer: Bioveta a.s., Czech Republic


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