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This digital thermo-hygrometer is battery-operated and provides display of room temperature, relative humidity and time on LCD display. Temperature and sensors are in-built in the instrument. It has temperature measuring range – 100c+ 500C with 0.10c resolution and humidity range is 10 to 99% RH with resolution 1% RH and clock system 24-hour (12-hour). Additional features are: Range selection (C or F), maximum and minimum record for temperature and humidity. The instrument also has the option of auto resetting the minimum and maximum range button. It operates on a single 1.5V battery. It can be used as a table top or wall mounted. This low cost hygrometer is ideal for measuring room temperature and RH in computer rooms, AC rooms, offices, labs and many applications.


  • Humidity Range  –   20-99%
  • Temp. Range     –   0-60 degree cel. (dual)
  • Accuracy            –    0-60 degree cel. (dual)






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