Moisture Meter

Product Description

Meter is the most reliable, compact, lightweight rugged & sophisticated instrument available in the market to provide you with long hours of services & trouble-free operation.


  • Moisture Meter confirms to 15-8824-part-1-1978
  • Moisture Meter is calibrated and tested as per 1S
  • Measuring range: 0% to 40% moisture
  • Sensitivity 0.1%
  • Accuracy: 0.2%
  • Power consumption: 0.03 watts approximately
  • Power requirement: four pencil cells
  • Samples sizes: 250 C.C approximately
  • Size of meter: 125 mm H x150 mm Wx210 mm D (approximately)
  • Weight of the meter: Less than one kilogram
  • Measurement time: one sample per minute


  •  Pour specified quantity/size of material sample into Moisture Meter with help of hopper. Press the appropriate switch to read % moisture on the display. Inbuilt temperature calculator is provided to display the reading after temperature compensation.


  • Automatic inbuilt temperature compensation provided.
  • LOBAT/BAT indication on display if pencil cells are weak/down.
  • ABS Molded body for rugged use in field & for longer life.
  • No mechanical moving parts hence no wear & tear and maintenance free operation for long duration.
  • Non-destructive sample testing



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