Multivitamin and mineral tablets (daily feed supplement) for Dogs.

Type of Preparation: Multivitamin /mineral tablets

Target Species: Dogs and Cats


Contains per tablet of

Vitamins A 450 i.e. Vitamin B1 200mcg

Vitamin B2   200mcg Vitamin B6   100mcg

VitaminB12  3mcg               Vitamin D     45i.e

Vitamin E 5mg                    Pantothenic Acid 225mg

Niacin 900mcg                     Iron   329mcg

Copper 375mcg                   Cobalt 125mcg

Manganese 500mcg Zinc 500mcg

Iodine 150mcg Magnesium 2mg

Phosphorus 55mg               Calcium 120mg.

Crude protein < 1%              Crude fiber  < 1%

Crude ash 27%                      Crude fat  < 1%


Complementary feed for dogs. Daily supplement of vitamins, minerals, chelated elements.

Ideal feed supplement to prevent shedding and dandruff, and promote strong bones, joints, teeth as well as a healthy and shiny coat.

Route of administration and dosage: 

Oral Administration

1 tablet per 5 kg body weight


Store in a dry place between 8 °C and 25 °C. Protected from light.
Keep medicine away from children.

Package: 100 tablets, 250 tablets

Manufacturer: Diafarm, Denmark


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